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December 14, 2018

Each year the Burlington Downtown Business Association executes a fun, yet highly competitive Holiday Window and Interior Design Competition.  Each year we enter and have won once or twice!  This year, however, we came together in a different, and unique way, incorporating management, front line staff and our residents as well.

WE WON!!!  Best Interior 2018

A big Thank You to Andrew Pawson, nurse and social committee member, for attending the awards ceremony and accepting the prize on behalf of Pearl and Pine Retirement!

Here is the poem they used to announce the winner, written by Neal Miller, from the Burlington Performing Arts Centre:

Reindeer and snowflakes and poinsettia’s galore, strolling through this stop wasn’t a bore.

The snowflakes were hung in the window with care, in hopes that the judges soon would be there  

From the tops of the trees to the feet of the Nutcrackers we know right away that these were not slackers! 

The trees were all decorated with ribbons and lights, perfect to keep you festive on the long winters nights

 Attention to detail was surely their calling, their well crafted poem had us all bawling 

It’s my pleasure to say, that after some wine,  ……the winner for best interior … Pearl & Pine


And the poem we submitted to each of the judges:

‘Twas the month before Christmas at 390 Pearl,

Our Social Committee was in such a whirl;

Thinking caps on and pens in their hands,

They jotted ideas from toys to big bands;

How will we win it?  What shall we do?

It must be exciting, it must be something new!

The BDBA judges are tough and unkind,

They expect innovation, they need well designed;

Our window of reindeer and twinkling trees,

Is pretty and peaceful but seems to displease;

It was 2014, we had just opened our doors,

To rooms full of residents on 15 new floors;

A new business downtown, we seemed well received,

We won the award for décor and we had achieved!

Our goal was to win and winning we did,

But the next two years we were only a bid;

Who are the judges, what will they look for?

We want to produce something each will adore;

Robert Steven all proper in his suit and his tie,

He looks very serious, but there’s a gleam in his eye;

Artistic creation will be a visual need,

But so is the story, the words they will feed;

The inspiration, the reason, the “why” behind,

Something that tickles the senses but touches the mind;

Neal is so bubbly and outwardly bold,

Not a thing about him could be considered cold;

He loves a good song, a musical’s best,

“White Christmas” the goal, we’ll be sure to impress;

And colour, yes colour will be on his list,

Make it a need, colour must exist;

Spunky Selina with her fun hair-do,

She will certainly admire something that “grew”;

“Grow Up”, our residents have certainly done,

But that is no reason not to stay young;

We could get them involved and give them a part,

There are many in the building with love for the arts;

The marketers, the president, the curator too,

Suzanne is somebody awfully new;

We do not know much about Suzanne just yet,

This is the judge that is making us fret;

What is important?  What art is endearing?

Her online presence is quite pioneering;

New and different, abstract, experimental,

It can be fun and creative but not accidental;

An artistic display that considers community,

An effort by all that fosters unity;

Now to Shawna, our ED, to discuss the big budget,

We need to convey we know who’s going to judge it;

We won’t need a lot and hope she says yes,

A wee bit of money would take away stress;

Of course, our Marketer Brenda always states,

“The Budget Will Balance Itself”, let’s not wait;

And Megg, our BDBA, interface,

She’s writing a poem to narrow the race;

We know she can write, but is she a poet?

Let’s all cross our fingers and toes she don’t blow it!

Daniel, our Chef, is so happy to hear,

No food is requested AGAIN this year;

Enzo from Maintenance, will offer assistance,

Resident needs speak to his existence;

Mariellen in Business, she orders supplies,

Paper and scissors, more than happy to oblige;

Let’s connect with Jesselle, our Director of Care,

She has bandaids on hand, do not despair;

“A small papercut is the likeliest affliction”,

Jesselle has piped in, that’s her prediction;

Nicole, we need to call on her too,

She runs all the programs and hullabaloo;

In fairness the programs are rather quite calm,

But offer programming beyond a sitcom!

Nicole has offered to open the calendar,

Add in some art days, a fitness balancer;

At long last we can present what’s been anticipated,

The Social Committee’s idea of which they’ve created;

A way for us all to be involved easily,

From idea to execution, quite seamlessly;

Scissors and papers all tucked in a basket,

Staffroom, at huddle that’s where we’ll ask it;

Participation from each and every single staff,

A simple request made them all laugh;

When you’re eating your lunch or having your tea,

Reflect on your childhood, be present, carefree;

Pick up some scissors, a crisp white sheet,

Fold over and over and please keep it neat;

Then cut in the centre, and over the edge,

A few moments of time the only consequence;

Except you may love it,

And choose to commit;

To making us many, snowflakes each unique,

Some simple, some fancy, some very sleek;

Each of us different just like the snowflakes,

Our strengths and our weaknesses, and even mistakes;

Let’s embrace who we are, let’s have fun whilst we work,

Don’t be the guy who skipped it, the jerk;

Place your name if you like, or leave it blank,

The enjoyment of trying we hope it will thank;

Now off to the Craft Kitchen to see how the crew,

Of residents and volunteers are getting through;

With the message of wanting a window that shines,

It’s simple beauty that reads between the lines;

The residents folded, cut, folded again,

Arthritis not papercuts seemed to cause pain;

But we got through a few, more than twenty;

A few more times and we will have plenty;

Let’s not forget those we have lost in 2018,

With honour, respect, and care not to demean;

In a simple way that reflects the lives we have lost,

In our family, our community, their memory embossed;

In our hearts, in our window, this holiday season,

The residents, their families, that is the reason;

To come to our workplace each and every day,

To love and respect in every different way;

This window display competition that started,

As a means to a trophy has left us full hearted;

A sense of community, and a whole lotta fun,

That gives us the biggest win, long run;

We thank you BDBA and your judges,

For pushing us so far out of our grudges;

We all have already won the biggest prize,

Of coming together, and showing we rise;

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Chanukah too,

Our hearts are much fuller, with thanks to you.

All the Winners Best Interior Design Winners







Come by Pearl and Pine to check out our decor before the end of the Christmas Season!  Or walk by and view our snowflake display.  Call Megg or Brenda to come visit 905-633-8300

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