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To Stay at Home with Services or Move to Retirement?

January 29, 2020

At Pearl & Pine Retirement we completely understand how difficult the decisions around Retirement Living can be.

Will I enjoy it?  How will I know if it’s the right decision?  Am I doing this too soon?

Many seniors try to stay in their house for as long as possible, and we can understand the comfort that brings, of familiar surroundings, a neighbourhood and neighbours that you know, not to mention the huge task that moving can be.

Meals brought in by a company or family and friends can ease the burden of shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning up.  Supportive care from the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), or a private company can help you feel safer and ease the burden of assisted daily living tasks like bathing and dressing.  Of course there are so many options for caring for the physical property, housekeeping services and landscapers.  All of these services can help you stay in your home longer but is it the best decision for you?

Even older adults who are completely self-sufficient and are able to manage all of their living needs often consider retirement living options for a few key reasons.

SIMPLE LIVING: Although one can, they may not want, to manage all the aspects of home ownership.  There is no need to manage multiple bill payments, grocery lists, cleaning services, and care.  Everything is provided in one place, under one roof, on one bill.  If you have a maintenance need, you just press “0” and have someone come upstairs to assist you!  Keeping it SIMPLE leaves you more time to do the things you LOVE!

INDEPENDENCE REGAINED: Many older adults begin to rely on their families, friends and neighbours whether it be for driving, meals or care.  In a retirement residence you regain the independence to help yourself and make your own choices on your own schedule.  At a residence like Pearl & Pine you also have the ability to schedule the Town Car to take you to your appointments, a bus for errands, eliminating the need to rely on others for all of your transportation needs.

SAFETY: Living under a roof with 24 hour emergency care allows for seniors to relax and enjoy living without the stress of what you would do if you needed care in an emergency situation.  Nurses, Personal Support Workers and many First Aid trained staff and managers allows residents and their families to feel safe and secure.  At Pearl & Pine we offer an added safety measure of a “check in” button that allows residents a private way to let the staff know that they are up and fine each and every morning.  When your children feel that you are safe, it changes the relationship back to one of enjoyment and not care!

NUTRITION:  Let’s face it, no matter what your age, cooking for one is not a fun task.  It requires the same amount of preparation and clean up that cooking for two or four does and does not offer the socialization of enjoying a meal with others.  Even cooking for two can become tedious and still doesn’t offer varied socialization.

SOCIALIZATION:  Perhaps the biggest decision maker for older adults is the lack of social opportunities that living alone provides.  Whether it be a simple breakfast with another resident to discuss the morning news, or belonging to a book club that does not require leaving your home, the social activities are endless.  Cards, board games, movies, TV series, and Ted Talks all offer conversation points, outings, live entertainment and daily meals further the scope of ways you can interact, socialize and be with others.  Don’t forget cocktail hours and wine and cheese tastings if that’s more your thing!  If you are more of a shy type, just having the odd meal with someone and have a little small talk is good for our minds!


The Pearl & Pine Solution?  A Seasonal Stay!  Come stay with us for 3 months.  We will furnish the suite with everything including dishes, cutlery, linens, towels, TV, artwork and more!  You have a chance to try out all the aspects of living in a retirement residence before you make the bold decision to sell your home and undertake the moving process!  Join us this winter.  Simplify your life and spend more time doing what you love to do!

Beautifully appointed guest suite.

Book Your Exclusive Tour and Choose Your Suite!  Only 2 suites left for Seasonal Stay opportunities!

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