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Social isolation. What is it and why is it so important to avoid?

November 30, 2017

Are you feeling lonely?  Are meals for one or two less enjoyable than they used to be?  Does cold, icy, winter weather make you feel like staying home?

One of the most common reasons seniors make a choice to move to Pearl & Pine is the acknowledgment that they are becoming isolated.  Visits from family and purchased meals from companies do not replace the value that comes from eating well balanced, freshly prepared meals by a Red Seal Executive Chef, enjoyed amongst a table full of new friends, sharing stories as a group.  This type of experience replicates the family meals you once partook in, creating a sense of vibrancy, health and stimulates the brain through communication and laughter.  Even the shy senior can thrive by enjoying a jazz trio amongst a group of peers or sitting across the table appreciating a freshly baked croissant. Simply put, social integration keeps you young!

Canadian studies are showing us that social isolation leads to a long list of negative physical and cognitive health conditions.  There is a greater risk of falls, a 4-5 times higher risk of hospitalization and that social isolation is a predictor of mortality from coronary disease and stroke.  Isolation also leads to a 60% increased risk of dementia and cognitive decline.  Social integration, however, protects against this mental and physical deterioration.

BOOK YOUR TOUR TODAY, come look at our extensive activities calendar, and learn how daily social interactions at Pearl & Pine can lead to a full and meaningful retirement experience!  

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