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Seeing our aging loved ones post COVID-19

May 27, 2020

In order to keep our loved ones healthy and safe many adult children are not seeing their parents through this COVID-19 quarantine.  At some point we will re-enter each other’s homes and we may notice changes that lead us to believe a change is needed.

What kinds of changes, other than obvious physical health and cognition, should we be looking for?

  1.  Housekeeping changes.  Is the home less tidy?  Are bathrooms no longer clean?  Is the laundry piled up when it once was neatly folded and put away?  Are dishes filling the sink when they used to not go an hour without being washed?
  2. Exterior home changes.  For some living in condo will prevent this from being a tell tale sign.  Other’s have had someone coming to assist for a long time.  However for the senior who has always cared for the exterior of the home and property, things like excessive weeds and long grass when it was once well kept could indicate that it’s time to move from the home.
  3. Communication changes.  Whether it be reaching out less frequently, or a lot more frequently, the change could indicate it is time to consider moving from the home.  Perhaps it’s more difficulty managing  a conversation over the phone or even in person.
  4. Bruises that might be due to falls.
  5. Weight loss that might be due to lack of food prep or desire to eat.  This could also be an indication of something much more serious.
  6. Subtle things like, unopened bills, blackened pots, and a less active lifestyle are things you might not notice right away but are often a sign that it’s time to make a change.

Of course, that conversation can be difficult but need not be.  Approach it with love and care.  Don’t parent but partner with your loved one.  Offer to help do some research about possible options.  The most important thing is that we don’t bury our heads in the sand when we finally get to see our loved ones again and things have changed!

The Pearl & Pine Retirement Experts are happy to assist with how to have that tough conversation, having it with you adn your loved one, and offering advice on the best next step!  Call Brenda at 905-633-8300 or and she would be happy to offer a lending ear and some advice whenever you need it.

Stay Healthy!  Stay Safe!

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